A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Lyrics
«Rambo (Freestyle)»
(feat. Don Q)

[DJ Clue:]
Power 105.1
Desert storm radio baby
A Boogie, Don Q
Don Q, get ’em

[Don Q:]
Whipping with finesse, got me sprinting through a check
Stacking more, spending less, you niggas still in debt
They love the Don cause the arm looks like Lucky Charms
I just want to count a hundred grand and hug my mom
Tell her it’s nothing wrong
The sun’s shining and we made it through the thunderstorm
No more rain, now all I see is the hundreds pouring
Them bitches played before, now we just stunting on ’em
Wait, I ain’t coming for ’em
I got better shit to do
See through the years I done lost a good friend or two
This shit is pitiful
I walk up in the spot dressed down like an interview
Then it’s to the block, spilling lean on my tennis shoes
I’m December cool
Say what’s your name again baby? you know it been a few
And if the pussy weak I probably won’t remember you
I probably had to doubt we in the mineral
You know I like to mix it with the chemical
’til a nigga in the mood, and I see the ceiling move
I’m the one they listen to, you the one they skipping through
Nigga lives on that corner where niggas died
I’m where hard rock and heavy metal, that Ozzy Osbourne
It’s shit I got to keep my mind on
Snakes in the grass gon’ come in with they disguise on
Those the main niggas that you gotta keep your eyes on
But it’s hard to tell when them the niggas you relied on
Damn, look, your nigga is back
Thought I was gon’ fall off? how silly is that
I stood dolo in the cold and got rid of the pack
And I’m talking way before I remembered a rap
Catch me in the heights, right where the Dominicans at
Me and Boogie, a few thots, make ’em fit in the back
Of the coupe, they ain’t loose, then we sending them back
Nigga speeding for no reason, got me spilling my yak
See I’m just tryna sit and relax and flip up a pack
Probably go visit the trap and pick up a stack
Keep calm, it ain’t the tens and the Timberlands black
Don C, Givenchy, made denims to match
I’m back
Don C, Givenchy, made denims to match
We don’t even do Don C’s anymore man, fuck that shit
Boogie what up?

[DJ Clue:]
Power 105.1
Desert Storm Radio baby

[A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie:]
Highbridge to the grave bitch
Every nigga that I came with on that same shit
Seen some shit up on the chain before I became rich
Me and you are not the same, I ain’t speaking English
Yeah I’m talking that slang shit, they tell me talk up
They don’t give out free Porsche trucks, I had to boss up
Fifty hanging off my necklace, my shit water
Don’t reach and watch your step, yeah don’t get crossed up
I can get into the drama if you wanna
If you try to hit and miss do you believe in karma?
If you plottin’ I can best believe you gon’ get caught up
My nigga Dre a monster, he straight out of Compton
Yeah I’m all about my business, ’bout my chicken
If I put you on a mission, you’ll be rich then
You can’t get into my vision, this shit different
Really talking what I’m living for a living

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