You got the game fucked up
Walking into my life, tryna
Switch everything all up
Something I can’t define ’bout ya
I think I like it baby
You showed up right in time, and I
Think that I like it
(Yeah, I like it)

Scared money don’t make none
Boy, I don’t got the time when you
Tell me that I’m the one
Need more than wanting that cause we
All are so temporary
And sharing my lifetime with someone is a little scary

Yeah I’m down, but not just for anyone
Stick around, this could turn into heaven
I’ll be real, I love your energy
Cause you’re real, you ain’t just anything

I ride for mine
[?] so deceitful
I wasted time, on all the wrong people
I’m choosing up, I’m being picky
So, you’re tryna play games
This could get sticky

[Chorus x2]

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