Rollin’ in my own car
Fuck a passanger seat
Rollin’ on the dashboard
Fuck being discreet

Rollin’ on the floor laughin’
But it ain’t at your feet
But I kinda wish that, it were your feet

Sike, I really wish that it were your feet
And I ain’t in a car, I’m passed out on some concrete
Sike, I ain’t doin’ that, I’m sobbin’ in your laundry
While my cousins are all mobbin’ in some palm trees

They say I deserve better
I wrote you a love letter
Lipstick on, sealed it with a kiss
When I need you most, it’s a hit or miss
So I tape the letter up and then I ball it in my fist

Up down, up down
High low. high low
Why so resentful bout shit from years ago?
Where’d my tears go?
Fuckin’ up my mental
Got a bitch hoping that she gonna go parental

Sike that’s the old me
I’m better off alone
Love’s a losing game
I’d rather stay at home

‘Cept it’s really not
Please pick up the phone
Damn you got me feelin’ like a dog and you’re the bone

Tryna be like, «oh well»
Ya fuckin’ blew it
When we got back together
I shoulda knew it

That just don’t feel that way
I misconstrue it
When I’m dreamin’, I’m believin’ I had a gift from your semen

I can’t lean on you [x10]

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