Kali Uchis Lyrics «All Or Nothing»

All or nothing
Havin’ love never meant shit to me
If your heart never could yield to me

It’s all or nothing
Cause I would much rather be lonely
Than waste time baby
Don’t you agree?

Please don’t bring your lips so close
Don’t smile or I’ll get lost
My heart might grow dizzy and fall
And if I fall for the spell of your [?] I get lost in my undertow
And that’s why I gotta say no…


It’s all or nothing
Why cry for somethin’ that might have been?
If it’s love there is no in-between

Clarity.. it’s more than I had an epiphany
See I’ve been runnin’ from reality
And now I just need some stability

See, baby, I belong to nobody
I only speak out of sincerity
And now it’s clear that your case is charity
So please don’t ask me why I gotta leave


It’s all or nothing…


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