I payed the girl behind the desk so she tell me what she’s seen in the lobby
You’ve been makin’ a fool of me but you’re too proud to even say you’re sorry
I’m just so glad that I can see through your bullshit, papi (Pa-pa, pa-pa)
So glad that I’m alive and you’ve lost your hold on me, hey (Pa-pa, pa-pa)

You’re just too cold
Hate you, papi (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
Hate you

What goes around will come around
So sleep with one eye open now
Is this ain’t what you want, papi?
You should’ve know the tables turn
Soon enough you’re gonna learn
This ain’t what you want, papi

Your fancy clothes, with your nose held high
Callin’ me your girl but you’re not my guy
‘Cause no, this ain’t love so don’t try to stop me
Well, I’m runnin’ fast and I’m runnin’ far away from you, papi
Far away from you, papi

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