Tate McRae Lyrics
«If Vsco Was A Song»

Is it just me?
Or does it feel like everything has changed?
Don’t even got the same friends, still got my name
Seems like the only thing that’s stayed
Is it just me?
Or has this year just been something I can’t explain?
Falls apart then falls together the same day
Oh my god, am I going insane?

Thought I had my heart stolen so broke it
Tried to close it off
Told myself, no distractions just so I could be focused
But it’s been kinda tough

Had too much on my mind
My brother’s leaving, I try not to cry
But I barely see him I hang with my friends
Just end up losing them
Try not to care but I’m not fooling anyone
I’ve done a lot, I should be proud of it
I’m just the person who’s not really loud with it
Waited too long and now I’m here on my own

So much has changed
And I’m not sure if it’s good
So much has changed
Didn’t really think it could
Mmmm… so much has changed

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