You say that I am hard to love
I give too much then not enough
I’m way too damn picky with everything
And way too damn busy with everything else
And I don’t try enough
Oblivious to everyone
And apparently I got their hearts on a string
I’m not talking, don’t know why you’re listening

Think, they think they know me
‘Cause my whole life has been on display
But if you really get to know me
Here’s what I’d say

I swear that I love hard
But act like I don’t care at all
I swear that I’ve been thinking ’bout you every second
But I won’t be the first to call
And I always think it’s my fault
And that I messed it up within my walls
And I really hope you’re thinking ’bout me
I’m staring at my phone waiting for you to call
That’s me
When I can’t stop thinking ’bout you
That’s me
I’ll be ripping my own heart in two
That’s me
I guess you’ll just have to get used to

If you’re thinking ’bout me and you think that
I should be thinking ’bout you

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