Dua Lipa Lyrics
«New Rules For COVID Dating»
(feat. James Corden)

What a year for dating, crazy
Nothin’ is the way it was
People textin’ exes sex pics
From the basement at their mom’s

If you have human contact
Don’t know what you’ll contract
So your first date’s always on Zoom (Oh)
You just wish you could just go out
Get a little naughty
Girl, you’re drunk on FaceTime
WiFi’s gettin’ sloppy

There’s no bars, there’s no school
Poundin’ claws in a kitty pool
Thirsty slides through DMs
Now you landed in their close friends

No matter how you try to break through
It all feels like a waste of time
When you’ve gotten your face off Netflix
Hulu, HBO, and Prime

Now you’re lookin’ ready
Though, it’s low-key scary
Check your drip and grab your Lysol (Oh)

If you’re ever gonna see another person’s body
[?] your forehead, you’re a total hottie

Wear a mask, wash your hands
It’s not like you have other plans
It’s awkward, but it’s cool
Following all these COVID rules (COVID rules)

One: Get in the zone, no more doing edibles at home alone
Two: Start the Instagram
Got a background check if you wanna slam
Three: Up your waxin’ game
No one’s seen you naked since February
And if you hate it all, watch out if you start to cough
I got new rules for dating
Six feet apart, no mating
No more procrastinating
These are the rules for dating
One: There’s a new fanbase, that’s when you get to see their lower face
Two: Right before you touch, Purell until your hands get rough
Three: Just seal the deal, you better hope you lick ’em when you wake up in the morning
You’re feelin’ numb, it’s you, your hand, and OnlyFans

We’ve got rules for dating
Safety is stimulating
It’s your neighbors you’re saving
You’ll get that touch you’re craving
Just follow these rules for dating

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