Kinda feels like the end of the world
Every once and a while
If I’m being honest
Kinda get caught up always asking myself why
Is it really worth it?
Try to stay away from all the fake ones and the stupid lies
But I can’t be perfect
Yeah I don’t know why sometimes I even try

But if you look at all the nights
Empty parking lots at 9
Everything just feels alright for a second
And the reckless moments that you spend
Where you just can’t let them end
And you just feel alright for a second

It isn’t so bad
If you look at what’s been good
Can promise you that it all seems messed up
And you lose all that you had
Every time that you get burned
I don’t know much but I can tell you it’s true
The bad days get better
Might seem like forever
But the bad days get better

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