3am on a Friday night
Driving down the highway
We just saying nothing
Wish I could read your mind
But I barely know it at all
Guess that’s probably my fault

I wish that I could hold on to everything
I wish that I could just have another minute
Scares me to think that we’ll grow up
And I’ll barely know you

So one day when we’re living our lives
I hope that we’re just fine
Hope that I know what you’re going through
One day I hope that you’ll call me
And tell me your problems
When you’re just so lost
Don’t know what to do
Heard that it’s just when you’re younger
That things seem harder
So I’m really hoping that talk is true

Just wanna be clear
That I have this big fear
I won’t know you in five years
So can you stay right here? mmh
So can you stay right here?

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