What is there not to like
Oooh, I stopped believing the hype
A long well ago and now

Went to the parlor
And there were no danger
Not like a laser fell into the Reich
Into my skull, I ain’t that dull
Take into account, now say it

Yes sir
We are getting much closer
Than ever before
I swore to your God
That I’d break your back
‘Cos my name is capitalism
With a big fucking C
I never look back no
I never do

Excuse me please my head is full
My head is full of chemicals
They push and pull and rabblerouse
Look forward to cleaning

The liver

Your breath sends a shiver down my spine

Wait here please
Don’t tell me things are under control please
When I know you know what it is that awaits me
And I know you know what its gonna do to me
So, fuck you, start talking

I thought about
Thinking of the truth
Then I got a little angry and I chipped a tooth
Perhaps if I brushed my mind more often
Then it wouldn’t get darker and it wouldn’t soften

I would like to learn the truth
Spend the evening without it
And then abuse
Then forget everything of what I heard
Remember the letter as completely absurd

Fever, strike me down and deliver
All the love I forgive her
And the rest has no case in any case

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