Maybe I’m ge’n’ more numb
‘Cause I keep bi’n’ my tongue
Keepin’ all the words in
I shoulda said, but I’m young
Immature an’ stupid
So I just keep my mouth closed
Lock it with a key an’ then
Block it out with music

Maybe I’m feeling empty
Wond’ring why I’m lonely
All my friends be leavin’
To figure out what’s trendy
It’s hard enough already
Dealin’ with the drama
Don’t wanna be involved in
But somehow I’m still callin’

Friends until it’s morning
‘Cause all their hearts be broken
Their heads, they be exploding
‘Cause boy, he didn’t notice
She can’t even focus
She’s been fallin’ so hard
But it never stops ’cause
She’s fallin’ in slow motion

Why you gotta question
All of my emotions?
I told you, can’t explain them
Especially at my lowest
I be feelin’ nothin’
What’s human connection?
All we got it snapchat
No talkin’, we just textin’

Why you hurtin’?
You’ve been high up in the clouds
Let me know when
You’ll decide to come back down
Why you hurtin’?
Yeah, I know you overthink
Let me know when
A tear won’t fall each time you blink
Why you hurtin’?
I know ev’rything’s a mess
But don’t burn yet
I don’t think the fire’s dead

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