[Hook: PARTYNEXTDOOR] A table for two, dinner room with a view
Your body’s on my menu, let me eat it up
Gonna start at your toes till I heat it up
Table for two, tonight I’m gonna eat on you
But there won’t be no I owe you’s
No teasing you, gonna kiss on your lips where it’s pleasin’ you

[Verse 1: PARTYNEXTDOOR] Come on in, lay the table
It’s your body I wanna feast
Girl tonight I’ll be your waiter, I’m gonna serve your midnight treat
What you like, a little teaser? enough to wet your appetite
A little taste of something sweeter, served just the way you like

[Bridge:] I wanna taste your world
I want your lips on mine
I wanna pleasure you, anywhere you want me to

[Hook] [Verse 2: PARTYNEXTDOOR] I make you say «ooh» a little more
I think you ready for the main course
A little cream and cherry thing, that I can spread below your naval ring
I work my way down just a bit lower
I wanna kiss your body right
And when you think that it’s over, I’ll make it last all night

[Bridge] [PARTYNEXTDOOR vocalising] [Hook] [Outro:] Fingertips
On your lips
Gonna make you wanna cream
Don’t say, «shhh»
Taste so sweet
On my tongue
I can feel your sugar walls
Here it comes

[Hook x2] [PARTYNEXTDOOR vocalising]

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