They told me that I would lose
They told me I couldn’t do
But I guess that they never knew
That I’m from the projects
I’m not with all the politics
Any nigga getting robbed and said
We want the money and all the brace
If I slide Imma give em hell
Will I die only time will tell
I ain’t tryna take another L
Pussy niggas got a different smell
Don’t be funny nigga you ain’t Dave Chapel
I ain’t even got a time for twos
So how you think I got time for you
I’m a slime and a savage too
Imma do what I gotta do
If I break ya heart it ain’t nothing new
I’m on my grind need the rent paid
I got the skills like a sensei
When I get mad I go rampage
I stay true to my roots kunta kente
Call the shooters then get busy
Niggas get smoked like a blizzy
Cause we got the fame of the city
And I got the aim I ain’t missing
Guarantee I won’t miss him
Goofy turned into a victim
And cuzzo keep a Smith and Wesson
So tell me how the fuck we lacking
Bring all the drama we spazzing
Cause me I really love the action
And if its beef we ain’t squashing
We could shoot it out like some marks men
Again and again
I don’t care if I land in the pen
Niggas chicken I’m on fire I’m like hen
I cannot lie it’s some snakes in my friends
It’s homicide if I slide in the Benz (skrrt)
So how could I lose when I got so much to prove
They watching moves but they cannot walk in my shoes
How could I lie when I am the truth
I’m tryna dive it off of the roof
Right to the sky, straight to the moon
Cause the only time I feel alive is when I’m high
Mentally numb I don’t feel a thing
Murder and guns inside of my brain
So they gotta die to feel all my pain
I been walking all alone in the rain, it never bothered me
I’m unapologetic to the core, no apologies
If I gave you the stick would you ride for me
If I lack and got hit would you cry for me
Cause niggas saying that they feel me but I don’t feel em
If you stab me in the back Imma need a real reason
All of this is facts Imma leave a nigga bleeding
And I gotta go put my foot down
Cause I’m tryna get out the hood now

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