It was raining, bare feet
He was a poor guy, he came from poor family
And then a taxi driver, he saw him, he said:
«Little boy go home, it’s raining, bare feet, what you doing in the dark?»
And Maradona looked at him, he said:
«Remember that name. My name is Diego Armando Maradona. One day you’re gonna hear it»
This guy he believed himself, he became one of the best players ever. He came from bare
feet, no shoes, no clothes, under the rain, just because he has the passion and he knows
himself, he can be somebody

I put all in the substance
I do it all for the substance
Can’t put a price on the substance
I’ll lose my life for the substance
Deep in the lines for the substance
Living through time with the substance
I do it all for the substance
I put my all in the substance

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