It’s JB
It’s JB
It’s JB
And I’m in these clubs tonight

The way you walk (Walk), the way you talk (Talk)
Your little slang gets me in shock (Shock)
Your brown hair makes me stop (Stop)
And say «Yeah» for all the pretty ladies up in this club

(Uh) Uh, (Uh)
She started drinking’ my lemonade, uh (Uh)
Say «Yeah» and drink me soaked tonight (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
Ooh yeah, Ooh yeah, yeah
Need her, drink this up
Drink this up, in this club
And drink my lemonade

I got it up (Got it up)
Way she swang (Way she swang)
Lemonade, Gu-Gucci hangin’
Lemonade LEGO pieces on my neck (On-on my neck)
Fifty-five up on the block, I cut the check
Now you locked that next box, look at how I made it, hoe
You can see me lookin’ all jealous in my LEGO
Baby, you can see me, rub my shoulder, never let go
Ask her ’bout your baby, ’cause a baby at the house, hoe (House, hoe)
You could ask about the JB (JB)
Other dog’s rabies (Rabies)
And I keep her on the low
You can ask me ’bout the shy, but I already got the dough

My lemonade, uh (Lemonade, lemonade)
My lemonade (Lemonade, lemonade)
This is just the mixtape, lemonade (Lemonade, lemonade)
My lemonade (Lemonade, lemonade)
Now this is just a mixtape

And shawty, this is just a mixtape
And shawty, this is just a mixtape (Yeah, ha)
And shawty, this is just a mixtape
So that means like, 11:15
‘Bout to go to bed, I got school in the mornin’, but uh
Gotta charge my iPhone, so I thought I’d do this real quit
So I can listen to it in the mornin’
JB (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Yeah I gotta do that real quick, but um
I’m out
Yeah, uh

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