«What can I say, I have one though. I only have one. Get that on camera, I only have one. (Christain Moat) love you.»

You ain’t gotta worry
What I’ve been doin’ lately
Cause your my baby
Only baby
You know I stay faithful
And I’m a always stay faithful
Listen here baby
You ain’t gotta trip
Girl I respect you’re my lady
My one honey dip
So for that I’m a stay faithful
Girl I’m a always stay faithful
Faithful to your love

She want a baller
I just want a queen
She want to plot
I just live in feen
Never thought I see the day that we would change
She said I love you
I said I need space
Fabricating stories about you and him
Is this something that we really gotta do again
Keep your rabbit in the hat
No tricks needed
I got this sick feelin’ no vicks needed
Aim right but I’m mistreated
Misleaded that just make me
Miss be»levein» that this just happen this evening
I was doin’ me to get us everything
But now I’m taking everything
Distrust will get you dismiss
This isn’t an argument just couple thoughts brought to consciousnesses
I can’t stand what I’m livin’ in
To think that I’m would be singin’ this

I know I know
Your tried of me disguising love
So I gotta let you know
I don’t wanna let you go girl
Cause I’m in love
But you know you know I’m tired of just tryin’ love
With a little bit of us and
A whole lot of God it’s a different kind of love
I’m glad you decide to love me though I’m out on the rode
Preformin’ what I’m recordin’ doin’ thousands of shows
So you ain’t got ask can we afford it
You already know
If you want it girl then it’s important you already know
No limits pastor p I got the hook-up ask for me
You got me shock up so look love anything you want you can have for free
We know we know we wanna stay faithful
He hoes she knows it’s hard to stay faithful
I’m in it to win it
Girl I finished before you started
Just like the ring we became a thing before you thought it
You ain’t gotta worry or never be broken hearted
Know I love you forever it’s whatever you know you got it
I love you girl stay faithful

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